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Player Information

Name: JeniOctavia
Age: 28
AIM SN: JeniOctavia
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes
Currrently Played Characters:

+Duo Maxwell | [personal profile] duomaxwell
+Minako Aino/Sailor Venus | [personal profile] cestlavenus
+Eitarou Sakuma | [personal profile] unholyshit
+Kazuma Ikezaawa | [personal profile] readyforwar

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Character Information

Canon Source: Glee
Canon Format: Live Action
Character's Name: William Schuester - "Mr. Schue"
Character's Age: 34
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played. -

What form will your character's NV take? An iPhone 4S, White

Character's Canon Abilities: None
Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them?

Siren Song

Once Will is in the port, he will have the ability of the Siren’s Song. With this ability he will be able to call people to him and, to a small extent exert his will over theirs. They will feel an inexplicable pull towards him, and a strong desire to follow commands he might give them. It’s not mind control so much as it’s power of suggestion. This, of course, comes with several limitations.

-He has to be singing something that isn’t in his normal repertoire. That means no modern pop music, rock music, or the things he would normally do with the Glee club. What will work most will be things in the classical or operatic genre. The further away from what he normally sings, the stronger the pull will be, but the reverse is also true - the closer back towards pop or rock, the less strong it will be. Things around the middle of ‘sings often’ and ‘doesn’t sing often’ (ie country) would result in probably a very faint pull and a strange allure to just sitting there and listening to him, but not much else.

-The commands have to be within reason. He can’t tell someone to jump off a cliff or perform a heroic act that would cost them their life. Really it’s mild hypnotism at best. He can tell someone to ‘calm down’ and they’ll be instantly calm, for instance, but he can’t tell them to calmly walk into a bank and rob it, either.

-Psionic shields, sound absorption and other nulls will render his power unusuable.



Character History: Will @ Glee Wikia
Point in Canon: 3.12 - The Spanish Teacher
Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history: -

Character Personality:

Will can basically be summed up in three words : Mister Nice Guy. Kind, caring, sweet to a fault, and probably a bit too oblivious for his own good sometimes, he is the sort of guy that will do everything he can for the people he cares about be they family, friend or student. Really, it goes even double for his students. Because he wants to see them succeed, he tries his hardest to keep them on the right path, or put them back on it if they’ve strayed.

Beyond that he tries to see the good in everyone, even people who might not outwardly display that good right off the bat, and he always wants to bring that good out of them. He’s gone so far as to overlook obviously detrimental personality flaws and even be completely clueless to the more manipulative nature in others until it’s too late and is shoved in his face at the worst of times. Being very compassionate and having a bit of a guilt complex doesn’t help this either, though the compassion is truly one of his best traits if nothing else.

And at the base of this he also has a need to make everyone happy, to not hurt anyone’s feelings and make things difficult so much so that he has been walked on and taken advantage of more than once his life. He has learned from his mistakes in the past, but not enough to completely disregard this trait yet. However on the flip side, he’s also driven enough that from time to time obsession and a desire for perfection of others will take over, resulting in him actually disregarding the feelings of people around him. The Glee club has suffered under this flaw more than once. He wants them to succeed, but sometimes in the heat of the moment he forgets that ‘success’ doesn’t always equate to ‘winning’.

He’s even gone to some pretty dark places in terms of method, including blackmail, when he’s feeling the pressure of getting through competitions. He has to be reminded of things in these moments, like the fact that when he was in Glee Club, it was having fun and doing something he loved that was more important than winning in the end. Luckily he’s not so blind he can’t be steered back in the right direction, it just takes a little push.

And like many adults he does fall under a bit of hypocrisy. He’s not above telling people (especially Sue) off when he believes they’re doing something wrong, or standing up for himself when he’s being told the same, but he’s also been known to say one thing (telling Sue to be fair) and then turning around later and saying something (getting upset with Sue for not treating a handicapped girl differently) that utterly contradicts it. This is a little harder to call him on as he can display a certain degree of stubbornness in situations, but it’s not impossible to get him to back down once it’s come up.

He doesn’t anger easily at all. He has shown very rare moments of true aggression or anger towards anyone, and it seems to be two major things that rile him up more than anything else - manipulating his own feelings, even with “good reason”, and doing anything that would be harmful or detrimental to his students. At least with the latter he is capable of taking control of the situation in a manner of authority rather than stooping to (or letting his students stoop to) the perpetrators’ level in retaliation. It’s when he himself is manipulated to the point of great emotional harm that he finally will break. The best example of this was when he learned that his ex-wife had been faking a pregnancy to make them stay together. Thankfully he was able to recover, though it’s hinted that the biggest reason behind his rather quick bounce back was simply because he had the Glee club as not only a distraction but a sense of emotional support.

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: -
Character Plans: Once Will is settled and has seen to it that the students that are in the Port are alright, he’ll likely look for a teaching job at one of the schools. What school, what level and what he’ll teach will of course depend on what’s open at the time, but chances are high that he’ll try to start a Glee Club one way or another.


Best picture of Will, no lie

Writing Samples

First Person Sample

[Some one’s NV has turned on, audio only, but it sounds like they’re having a bit of trouble on the other end. There’s a lot of rustling and some mumbling going on.]

Hey-- whoa... crap just a second, I think--...

No. Wait. I got it. Heh... you’d think I’d know how to use a phone, but I’m still trying to figure this thing out...

Okay uhm. Hmn.

[a quiet settles over the NV again as the person on the other end seems to be trying to figure out what to say next.]

Well. I just got here. Probably pretty obvious, isn’t it? I talked to one of the greeters though and... hoo... [he lets out a breath, and just how frazzled he is becomes a bit more apparent. There’s actually a bit of shaking to his voice.]

I’m... not entirely sure I believe all this yet. I mean, I keep thinking I’m gonna wake up any second, you know? But... that greeter seemed pretty convinced this was real and I don’t think I’ve ever had such a clear dream before so...

I guess what’s next is finding those Tower Apartments and getting a place... what was it? “Before the sirens”? I think I might of... I’unno, I was having trouble processing it all. What sirens and when do they go off? … and why?

If anyone else can help me, I’d... really appreciate it.

… --oh and. I’m looking for my fiancee. Emma Pillsbury. If anyone’s seen her can you tell me? Please?


[And he winds up turning the feed off, completely forgetting to introduce himself. Oops.]

Third Person Sample


Well, that was one hell of a headache that came out of nowhere.

Another groan escaped Will as he rolled on to his back, staring not up at his familiar white ceiling but... gray-blue sky. He blinked. Once. Twice. Three times.

And then sat up with a shocked yelp and a flail, earning further pangs of pain through his head for his trouble. The yelp turned in to a rather loud pained noise, hands clutching at his head until it ebbed.

“What... ?”

His voice came came out just as pained as the noises that preceded it. He tried to ignore it, and the pain, enough to lower his arms and look at his surroundings slowly. A baseball diamond? Why was he in a baseball diamond?

He swallowed hard, stomach churning, nausea threatening to make him hurl. He swallowed it back though it did nothing for the bitter taste in his mouth, getting to his feet bit by bit. His hands were shaking, heart racing, eyes wide. He didn’t understand any of this.

“Okay... okay... don’t... freak out...”

He had no idea why he was talking to himself, but at the moment it seemed like a good idea. It wasn’t like there was anyone else around to keep him calm.

No one else...


“Emma? … EMMA?!” he started calling out loudly, spinning around rapidly while looking around, suddenly frantic. Where was she? Why she wasn’t she here with him?! They’d fallen asleep in the same bed together, he remembered that much, but now that he was awake and she was nowhere to be found...


No answer. No... anything. Not even the cry of birds or the sound of voices or cars nearby. This wasn’t good. At all. It was only making him feel more ill as his worry settled into his stomach. He dragged his hands through his hair roughly, though doing so just made his headache worse.

Around again, and his vision finally picked up that someone was waving to him from the dugout, motioning him to come over. Finally! A sign of life!

A relieved breath escaped, shoulders slumping. It wasn’t Emma, he could see that even from that far away, but it was a start. Maybe once he talked to someone and found out why he was there, he could start looking for her...


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